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Paintless Dent Repair in Littleton, CO and Surrounding Areas

You’ve had a long day at work but you still have to pick up some groceries to make dinner tonight. On your way back to your car in the parking lot, you notice a wild shopping cart made its way into your door, causing an unsightly dent. While it’s perfectly normal to freak out, not all is lost. The professional team at Vintage Autoworks & Collision specializes in returning your car to brand-new perfection. We use our years of experience and new technology to remove your dents without needing to repaint it. Don’t worry about investing too much time and money into scheduling an entire panel fix when you can call us for paintless dent repair.

dent repair

Precision Repair Services

Our reliable team can fix nearly any dent you can throw at us! Whether you have hail damage, creasing, bumper indents, door dings, or any other type of dent, we’ll quickly and efficiently restore them. When you notice your dent, it’s important not to try to remove it yourself, as nonprofessional work can damage your car or make matters worse. It’s also good practice to bring your car in at first sight of damage, as the longer a dent stays on your car, the more chances it has to crack your paint or develop rust.  Whether your car has factory paint or something custom, we won’t damage your color. These affordable repairs are a great way to keep your car looking pristine without having to repaint anything.

Free Estimates and Same-Day Appointments

Littleton, CO and surrounding area car owners who have experienced “parking lot rash” have been coming to Vintage Autoworks & Collision for over 25 years! We offer free estimates. Dents always feel like the end of the world at first, but with our expert craftsmanship, you’ll be back on the road looking just the way your car did when it rolled off the dealership lot.

Call today for a Free Estimate. We do estimates on a walk in basis. No appointment is needed.