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Services Include:

Collision Repair • Body WorkPaintingPaintless Dent Repair

Littleton, CO and Surrounding Area Auto Body Repair

The experts at Vintage Autoworks & Collision understand the true passion for restoring and repairing your car or truck. We proudly offer Littleton, CO and surrounding areas our professional services at competitive prices so you can restore your vehicle to looking brand new without breaking the bank. We’re car people, and we put the same passion and attention to detail into each of our clients’ cars as we do our own. Take a moment to browse our expert-level services and give us a call. Let’s get you back on the road.

polishing black car
Body Work

Accidents are scary. The important thing is that you’re OK and your car wasn’t totaled. We use our state-of-the-art facility and years of experience to repair your car back to perfection. Whether you need a single panel replaced or half your car, we put in efficient and affordable work to get you back driving again.


One of the advantages of being a full-service auto body repair shop is that you don’t have to take your car somewhere else for paint after repair. We have our own on-site paint booth to drop your wait time significantly. Additionally, our paint-matching technology allows us to perfectly pair the new paint with your car’s factory or custom coat.

Paintless Dent Repair

We believe in transparency, and we walk you through every step of our repair process. We give you an accurate estimate of the cost, why we need to buy and install each part, and how it will affect your car. Our team wants you to know how we’re taking care of you and your car. Too many repair facilities practice shady business by overcharging you for parts and labor you don’t need and then giving you the runaround when it comes to finishing. You should feel safe and confident that your car is in good hands at Vintage Autoworks & Collision.

Call today for a Free Estimate. We do estimates on a walk in basis. No appointment is needed.