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Learn About Our Littleton, CO Auto Collision Shop

Vintage Autoworks & Collision helps the Littleton, Colorado community with auto body and collision repairs. We have brought high-quality, reliable auto repairs to the area for over 25 years. Our focus on the little details has allowed us to excel where other auto repair shops have struggled. We make sure that all our work is up to the highest standards. We not only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, but we follow the exact installation and repair procedures prescribed by the OEM. That way, when a repair is complete, your car, truck, or SUV is as good as new.

A Local Non-DRP Auto Collision Shop

One of the main reasons that our customers come back to Vintage Autoworks & Collision time and time again is our independence. Many car owners fail to realize the hold insurance companies have on the larger auto repair shops. Insurance companies make shops join something called the Direct Repairs Program (DRP), which means that the shop is a preferred location for certain insurance companies.

The downside is that most shops are required to perform repairs with substandard craftsmanship by using certain low-quality, cost-cutting techniques. We don’t do that. We make sure that every repair is made to last. Just because your insurance company is paying for the repair doesn’t mean you deserve shoddy workmanship.

Working for Customers, Not Insurance Companies

Vintage Autoworks & Collision works for you, not your insurance company. While we do work with insurance companies, our customers are our primary focus. Many insurance companies will attempt to pressure you into using one of their preferred shops so they don’t have to pay for high-quality work. Do not let your insurance company do this to you. You have the right to choose your auto repair shop. We believe that our job is to protect you, your automobile, and your family by providing the same quality of repair that you would get whether your insurance provider is paying or not.

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